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Pulpwood beer mats have been available in the UK for more than 80 years but, with an estimated 12 pubs being closed every week, it has become harder to get hold of them.

Of course, beer mats have devolved over the past 80 years. Nowadays they are used by a vast cross-section of industry and society, from an NHS Trust, through to political parties and service companies such as taxi firm. In fact, even some churches have used them, wedding planners may have bespoke beer mats printed for the bride and groom and consumers are as likely to have their own Twitter beer mat as any business or organisation. A true evolution!

Even though it is possible to have bespoke beer mats printed at a relatively low price, the fact remains that you will need to have £100 or so in your budget, as well as the time, inclination and budget to come up with a unique design. Then, of course, not every one wants 100’s of beer mats. It was with this in mind that The Beer Mat Inn was conceived.

We offer generic, pre-printed beer (beverage) mats in small, ‘bit-size’ quantities. By offering a wide range of themes, we have been able to produce real beer mats in packs of 24 for a fraction of the price of beer mats printed with a bespoke design. Our typical beer mat packs will have a single design printed on both sides of all 24 mats beer mats, whilst others may have two different designs for the front and back. Then there are our sets, which typically have 4 designs (printed both sides), with 6 of each, in other words 4 Designs x 6 Beer Mats.

Although our range in being added to each week, the themes we cover include; Events and occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and Birthdays; Beer Mat Games, Trivia, Fun and Satire, Sports, Nature, Animals, Politics, Food, Beverages, Memorabilia and Flags. Our mats feature Smiley's (Mood Mats), dogs, cats, birds, bird feathers, fruit selections and themed sets of beer mats including Christmas beer mats. Recently we have introduced beer mats with a generic Twitter design where consumers can easily add their own Twitter address. And, we are working on new generic designs for Social Media. The potential is enormous; we even have a range of beer mats suitable for office environments such as ‘No Smoking’ mats.Generic Twitter Beer Mat - Add your own Follow Me Address

Our designs cover a large cross-section of events and occasions; which means they can be used virtually anywhere, from the office to the home and from lounge to the kitchen.

Buyers of our beer mats can be assured that they are purchasing the real thing. Our beer mats are produced by a genuine, UK based manufacturer of beermats, which are made using traditional materials (pulpwood) and the design printed directly onto the board. This is important, because if a beer mat is to retain its usual properties of being able to soak up small spills and condensation, then it needs to be manufactured in the traditional way and with the right materials.

Not all “beer mats” are the same. To keep prices low, some beer mats are being made by printing the design onto paper, which is then mounted (glued) onto cardboard. This may look pretty when they are first delivered, but they have none-of the original properties of a genuine beer mat and, as commonsense dictates, they would not fare well if they come into contact with water. But, with our low, low prices on genuine beer mats, there is no longer a need to compromise on quality.

For those that prefer to draw or create their own beer mats, we have even provided the options to purchase blank canvas beer mats. These are manufactured in the same way and with the same materials as our usual beer mats but, without any printing. We are one of the very few companies that can provide 100 blank canvas beer mats (round or square) for just £10.50 delivered (UK mainland).

How would you like 200 beer mats free of charge with your design?

We are always looking to introduce new beer mat designs. If you would like to see your own design in print, then why not submit it to us? If we like your design and decide to print it, in return for you allowing us to use the image without charge or limitation, we will give you the first 200 free of charge.

What’s in a name?

Finally, there is much debate about the term Beer Mats, should it be spelt as one word or two? We tend to err towards the two word version; however, to cater for all opinions, we use both versions in our website. Similarly, the terminology for beer mats varies country by country and sometimes, region by region. Variously referred to as beer coasters, dripmats (drip mats), coasters, beverage mats, media mats, pulpwood mats and so on. All you need to know is our beer mats are made from pulpwood, with the printing directly on top of the board.

If you are unsure about anything or want to ask a question before you buy, then either follow the links alongside each product description or Contact Us