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Blank Beer Mats (Square) - 100 Mats

If you prefer to create your own beer mats, we offer a pack of 100 blank (plain) beer mats.
Blank canvas beer mats square with rounded cornersBlank Beer Mats (Square)

Rating: 5/5
Sales price: £10.00


Many people have asked us for plain beer mats so that they can create their own unique designs. We are happy to oblige with 100 plain beer mats. Square with rounded corners.

Blank beer mats are a favourite amongst those interested in Arts and Crafts. From artists wanting to create their very own, one-off' design, through to those looking to enter their beer mat into one of the growing number of exhibitions featuring beer mat designs.

For many, a piece of round or square cardboard just isn't the same as being able to use a blank beer mat, manufactured using the same methods and materials fused for the printed versions familiar to us all from the pubs and clubs.

We never cease to be amazed at the ingenuity and creativity exhibited by purchases of our blank beer mats and the amount of time people are prepared to spend creating their very own masterpiece. So, whether you want to create unique wedding invitations by hand, save the date mats, or just love to doodle, then why not order some of our genuine blank beer mats, which are available in 94mm round and 94mm square with rounded corners. Just as you would expect from a real beer mat.

The Beer Mat Inn provides a wide range of generic beer mat designs for those of you that don't want to order thousands of beer mats and yet, want the genuine article. All beer mats are 1200 micron (1.2mm) thick.

We have some beautifully designed beer mats for every day use and special occasions as well as traditional beer mats. These are genuine beer mats, made with recyclable, pulp-wood substrate, printed with a litho-print press and manufactured by a genuine beer mat manufacturer. There is no need to compromise on quality or accept fake beer mats here. 

Create your very own Beer Mat Art utilising our packs of genuine, woodpulp beer mats, manufactured here in the UK. Doodles, art or craft, the perfect solution to creating a masterpiece with longevity.Also available in single colours, printed in Magenta, Yellow, Cyan and Black round or square with rounded corners.


Wednesday, 12 June 2013 Rating: 15
Looked everywhere for blank beer mats and these were the best. Great product and fab price!
Company itself was great to deal with, would recommend!